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Along with Springtime in Minnesota comes an unwelcome guest, Garlic Mustard

The Confirmation Class from Assumption Parish and some of the dads spent their Saturday removing Garlic Mustard from our woods.  


Garlic Mustard is an invasive species and is on the “noxious weed” list of the Department of Natural Resources. 


The Pope and Padre Serra

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Papa Francisco is coming to the East Coast.

While in Washington D.C. The Pope will present ceremonially to the Catholic community Padre Serra as a holy person before God.

If you would like to read the words and commentary from this amazing friar here are three of best books recently published.







Catching Up

FSCN1139It is the day after Pentecost Sunday, and this year known throughout the United States as Memorial Day.

How could we not remember back to the feast of the Resurrection of the Lord, LIFE in the Lord with the promise of life everlasting.

Our Pascal Candle was painted by our dear friend and often lector Doug Westendorp.

Our Cross, designed by John Buscemi, invites us to walk with the Lord through the cross to fullness of life.




Election Time at the Monastery





 Election time at the


Bishop Peché and Sisters, Joanne and Betty from Little Falls Franciscans, were with us for triennial community elections.

This photo followed a celebratory meal.  The Bishop pulled out his smart phone and was taking pictures.