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Easter Everyday

Easter, 2021

Dear Friends ,

This has been a year like no other.  We have learned a lot about ourselves and what is deeply important to us. In first place, is the daily Eucharistic celebration called by the familiar name, “the Mass.” We were quarantined in our little third floor monastery. On first floor there were no Eucharistic celebrations in the large, elegant Lourdes Chapel. Within a few weeks of the Pandemic lockdown we found our liturgical home in Ireland.  At 7:00 a.m. we gather around the television screen in our community room and celebrate the Eucharist with the priests and a few women of the choir at Sts. Peter and Paul, Portlaoise, Ireland.  Their parish church is shut down but thanks to international television their Mass is broadcast all over the planet.  Each morning they read off the names of individuals and families who have written in for mention at the Mass.  And so we know we are praying with the whole wide world.

We die repeatedly, they say:
despair, depression, disappointment,
every dark human helplessness
hints at death.

And yet it happens also that some unscripted word
(not our own) sets life moving in our veins again.
Strange that we cannot do this for ourselves,
and how that little spring surprises us.
Quick as heartbeat, the paralysis of death gives way;
Subtle as breath, life claims us and we rise.

Sister Kate Martin, OSC

Please know our love and prayer is for each and all of you, dear friends and family,

              your Sisters of St. Clare                             


Sister Margaret’s birthday when we were quarantined to our 3rd floor wing during the pandemic…

Our dear friend Kim Jaworski supplied all of the fixings for our party celebrating Sister Margaret’s birthday.