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February on the Move

At this time of year we begin to look forward to change.  What is ahead for us as we move away from deep winter with the melting snow and the greenery poking up its welcome heads.  Across our beloved planet we are at a cross road, choosing life or decline.  Lets us be with those who choose life and make it happen through care for one another and planet earth.



Camping on the Edge of the Planet

Interview Sr. Kathleen

Our planet and all that is on it is waking up. Before us are the many gifts that our forebears have left us to use with care and creativity so as to pass them along to the many who will follow. At this campsite in the Chapel of the Franciscan Sisters of Rochester, Minnesota I think of our patron Francis of Assisi. Aware that he was coming to the end of his life on planet Earth he chose a hut near his friends, Clare and the poor Sisters, who lived down the hill from Assisi. As we move on to new dimensions of our lives we need friends. I was blessed by young parents who loved to camp out on the beautiful mountains and rivers of California and of course, the Pacific Ocean. My thoughts go to the millions of people who are camping out not by choice. They cannot tidy up their campsite and go home. They are home and will remain there until we do something about it.