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The Child As Gift

Dear family and friends

“Let the little Child Come!

I, as a little child came to you, was within you

Living and loving from your mother’s womb.”

This is not hard for us to believe if

We trust that our God is creator, lover, guide.

In all creation and in the stages of our lives

There is a model and mirror of our God and

We join Jesus who says,

“Let the child come to me.”

Those who dream let them come.

Let the strong and healthy, the sick and wounded,

The elders and their care givers,

Let them all come-

Running, dancing, limping, being pushed along”

Because all are invited to

The birthday party of Jesus.”

Loving thanks to each and all of you

For your friendship over the years.

Little Miss Doctor makes her rounds. She checks wrist pressure and ears, then announces “No ear monkeys.” All are relieved, especially Sister Kate.