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Christmas 2022

Dear Friends,

At Christmas time we stop to remember, to praise and give thanks so as to celebrate:

Christ has come among us in all the luxury and tragedy of our time, marked in the swaddling bands of the Child Jesus.

Jesus puts on flesh that he might share His Love and lead us into eternity.

Our Sister Helen Weier followed the Lord into that eternity of love on November 26, the beginning of the season of   Advent.  She was her warm and kindly self to the moment when she quietly slipped away.  We have tears in our eyes while in heaven she is rejoicing.

Our modern saints call us to look and to listen, our God is here.

Your Sisters of St. Clare

This beautiful icon in the Ethiopian tradition was written by Bonnie Hardwick.  Her book “Conversation: Engaging Ethiopian Iconography” Albertus Magnus Press, Oakland, California 2022.


“Forever Aflame” – Vincent Petersen

Friar Vince titled this work “Forever Aflame…..”

In addition to his perspective, it is also possible to see the beauty of old age in this painting, life stripped down to its essence. 

The vibrant colors of orange and blue and pink and yellow bespeak God’s blessings that surround us older folks even as we move toward eternal life.

This is the season of wisdom for people full of experience and full of life, accepting what life sends with grace and gratitude, a time to experience the richness of God’s spirit in our lives.