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Easter 2024 – Holy Thursday – The Last Supper by Bohdan Piaseck

This is the Last Supper painted by Polish artist Bohdan Piaseck. A Roman Catholic group called ‘Brothers and Sisters in Christ’ commissioned this artwork in 1998.

Bohdan painted this scene of the women, men and children celebrating the Passover together, as Jesus ate his last supper. Each of the 22 figures are clothed in traditional Palestinian garb, rather than the Italian Renaissance gear seen in one of the world’s most recognizable paintings, Leonardo Da Vinci’s Last Supper.

These beautiful plants and flowers were gifts from our friends who wished to share the holy days of Easter with us over the distance.


News of our friends

Jeff Brede has kept in touch with us over the years since he has migrated to Indiana to be with his mother in her later years. 

Our dear friends Aaron, Krista and Doug Westendorp went on a trip by car this spring heading toward the western states.  Here they are in San Francisco on their way to Santa Cruz, California.  A state we hear alot about since it is Beth’s home state.

Their trip was an amazing adventure. We hope to hear about it during their next visit to Assisi Heights.

Right before they left on their amazing trip by car, Doug finished a different type of adventure story with a published book called Brother Samuel’s Journal.  It is the story of a dozen itinerant hermit monks and nuns who gather together in a very special place to pray for the world in the face of a coming apocalypse.