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Ides of March, 2022

Ides of March” means the middle of the month of March.  Among the ancients of Rome, it was a frightful time.  I think that we can understand their fear.  The universal virus is still making its devious way around our planet in the form of variants.  Mr. Putin of  Russia has invaded his neighbor, Ukraine, killing indiscriminately children, mothers, fathers, grand parents, etc.  My prayer is that they have a place for Mr. Putin at the Hague, and there to try his case, crimes against humanity.    Sister Beth



Four years ago the Poor Clares of Bloomington moved to Rochester, Minnesota. The drawing card was health care for our Poor Clare Sisters who needed professional care around the clock. The Sisters of Saint Francis,  Rochester, Minnesota, offered us a corridor on the third floor of their large motherhouse.  In this small wing we have set up our “monastery.”  The Franciscan Sisters invite us to celebrate Eucharist with them in their large chapel three times a week.  Two of us have joined their choir: Sister Jo with her voice and Sister Beth with her guitar.  When the Mass is not celebrated down stairs in our Lady of Lourdes Chapel we celebrate Eucharist on our 3rd floor via the internet.  We have found our liturgical nitch with the Church of Saints Peter and Paul, Portlaoise, Ireland.  And there we  join people from all over our planet who love the liturgy at Sts Peter and Paul as do we. 


Our Lenten Chapel

Lent is a many faceted time of the year.  It means many  things to many people.  A lot depends on what is going on and around our planet.  At this time a war is waging in the East.  As always the innocents pay the highest price.  The media outlets focus on the children and perhaps they are our teachers, models as only they can be.  Blessed are the pure of heart for they shall see God.