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Father Vincent – Glorious Spring

Winter and Spring are leading us into the blossoming of beauty in color to speak loudly that life is vibrant and all about us if we take the moment to engage her.  


Three women at Christ’s tomb…

Bonnie Hardwick shares with us her image of the women at the tomb.  The woman in the blue mantel looks to be lost in her grief.  The woman in the green mantel is waiting in hope. The women with the red mantel is alive to the message brought by the angel.  Where do we find ourselves today?

Dr. Hardwick was the head librarian at the Graduate Theological Union, and a graduate of the Franciscan School of Theology. Information about one of her books on iconography can be found at

You can contact Bonnie at [email protected].


The Cross at Saints Peter and Paul in Ireland

The Eucharist is the center of our Community life. During the Pandemic we were locked in our wing at the Franciscan Motherhouse.  After visiting sites on the Web for a Eucharistic Celebration we found our spiritual home at Sts. Peter and Paul, Portloais, Ireland. The presiding priests all speak perfect English though they hail one from China, two from Eastern Europe and one from a lifetime of missionary work in the USA.  The pastor is from Ireland and also one of the young priests whose grandfather was Jewish.  The daily Eucharistic celebration is with the local community in Portlaois, Ireland and with all of the people throughout the globe who write in with their prayers and petitions. This is truly a celebration of the “One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.  You can meet them on YouTube.