Easter, 2010

Easter, 2010 

Peace to you and yours!

When we lose a loved one in death, it can seem as if the warp and woof of our lives is unraveling. That was what the disciples of Jesus must have felt when a cruel death had claimed the life of their Lord. But on the Mother of all Sundays, the day of Resurrection, Jesus was back among those same disciples to show them – and us – new life.  His return from death taught the disciples – and us – about the eternal weave where nothing unravels, where there is hope for life unending.

This supports us in our lives, varied as they may be. We share life in its many forms; we enrich one another as we live more and more deeply into this Mystery that Jesus opens for us. Thank you for the many ways in which you share your lives and treasure with us. We join you in the prayer you make for your many needs. In the General Intercessions of Good Friday, we prayed for “the poor and disadvantaged, the humiliated and the weak, the unborn, the aged, the little ones of the earth, the homeless, the hungry, those without work, the sick and dying with their caregivers, those imprisoned in any way, the dehumanized and abused, the bereaved.” These are only some of the prayers we make as we gather many times each day to pray with and for you, for our world and Church.

This year’s early springtime in Minnesota enriches our “alleluias” of the Easter Season. The tulips, forsythia, daffodils, hyacinths, plus the returning birds of many songs and colors join us in the praise of our great God who fashions us all. Be abundantly blessed in all your comings and your goings, in your days and in your nights.  And please keep us in your prayer.

Your Poor Clare Sisters in Bloomington




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