Advent Season

FSCN1273Clare leads us into the depths of Advent.

Following along with Papa Francisco she calls us to be “poor with the poor.”

For Advent reading: THE GREAT REFORMER by A, Ivereigh is the best of the best.

Austen tells the story of Jorge Mario Bergoglio, born into a lower middle class immigrant family, joined the Jesuits, himself called to the people of the slums, connecting and worshipping with our brothers and sisters of other communities, his pectoral cross, Christ the Good Shepherd.

Blessings on your journey!


These are the days when the whole pattern

is spread before us: the long intricate past,

the wars and wanderings, prophets and kings;

and the future as well, the vineyards and orchards

of the age to come, the safe and happy children

playing in the streets, the high road to peace

And our eyes are drawn to the center,

to the jewel at heart of the plotted web,

to a girl in a village and her ordinary life,

her willing response to mystery

when it came seeking her,

to the answer she gave

and the light it poured

over the whole story.

Sr. Kate






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