Sister Lucie in the beautiful month of July

The Flowers are from Lucie’s brother, who lives with his family in Quebec. 

These flowers arrived just in time to decorate our Community Room for the celebration of Sister Lucie’s birthday.  Lucie was born and baptized in Quebec City.  She is a true Quebecois who loves her Provence and also all the Provences across North America

During her party we passed papers around telling about the history of Quebec all the way to modern times. The table cloth is white and the napkins are blue to honor the flag of Canada.

Sister Lucie entered our Community in Bloomington after many years of service within the Catholic Church in the province of Quebec.  In preparing the celebration of Lucie’s birthday we wanted to highlight Quebec, her place of birth and of work.  We went to the internet and took out infirmation highlighting the history of Quebec and especially the history of their flag in the colors of blue and white with a little red for English speaking Canada.


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