The River Runs Through…

This beautiful painting by our Franciscan Brother Vincent Petersen reminds us of one of God’s most precious gifts, water. Water runs through and around and under our little planet.. absolutely essential for the continuation of life as we know it and connecting all of us together in our common need.

We think of the water on the southern border of the besieged country of Ukraine. This week the first ship left the port of Odesa bound for Lebanon.  We hope that many more ships will follow, headed toward those countries that depend on grain from Ukraine.

Water, in addition to transporting essential goods like food, is used to put out forest fires, generate electricity, and many other essential uses like drinking, cooking and cleaning,

In looking at our worlds water from a different perspective, the water previously stored in the Poles has been melting, causing the ocean level to rise. The higher water level affects the world with increased coastal erosion, flooding, loss of coral reefs, loss of animal habitat, and may result in scarcity of fresh water.

Water, beautiful water, help us to come to appreciate you, and therefore save you for future generations.


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