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Missioning for the Women of ACTS

 The Team: meeting at the Monastery for the mini retreat in preparation to serve their Sisters on the three day retreat at at Franciscan Retreats, Prior Lake, Minnesota.                        

099Two weeks following the retreat at Prior Lake the retreatents and the retreat team gathered in an atmosphere of songs, silent prayer and reflection, to commit themselves to particular services ministries at Assumption Parish in Richfield and 4 (4) 638x479


Our Missionaries in Korea


Our Korean Missionaries, Sister Kate and Sister Donna, share a moment in the Chapel before Donna returns to South Korea where her Community is building a new monastery on the Island of Jeju.

Sister Kate was the first member of our Community to go to Korea in 1969 at the invitation of Bishop Henry.  She studied at the Columban language school in Seoul  before  heading to Jeju Island.

Photo ©Jill K H Geoffrion, Ph.D.,;  The Minnesoto Poor Clares  began work on Jeju in 1971.  Donna has been a member of the Poor Clare Community on Jeju from the beginning until the present.


ACTS Sisters with Friar Charlie McCarthy

About ACTS:

We first learned about “Acts” from Franciscan padre, Charlie McCarthy, pastor of Assumption Parish near our monastery.  The parish has so many programs and groups meeting at their Church that we were asked to host the “Acts” here in our large hospitality area.  What a blessing!  Each Tuesday from 7 – 9 PM about 20 women meet here and from here Skype their counterpart group in El Paso, Texas, praying, learning and preparing a retreat for other women from Assumption parish who will make the ACTS retreat at PriorLake the end of July.

The name of the group, “Acts is inspired by the Acts of the Apostles 2:42-47.”

The acronym stands for: Adoration, a life centered in Christ; Community, in and with the people of God; Theology, exploring the religious dimension of human experience; and Service, to serve one another in Christ through love, caring and compassion.Ladies of Acts

Some of our beautiful Acts women: L to R, Magali, Sr. Noreen, Marielise, Anna Marie, Nancy

Women of the ACTS movement met here in the our hospitality area for 13 consecutive Tuesday evenings preparing a most amazing three day experience for their Catholic sisters in Christian sacramental living with profound love and personal sharing.


These next six Tuesdays ACTS Sisters will continue to meet at the monastery to process all that happened in this long weekend of grace.


Sister Lucie of Jesus: Solemn Profession of her vows to the Lord

In Community here in Bloomington we knew God’s blessing as we celebrated the Solemn Profession of Sister Lucie Lafleur on April 27.  Sister Lucie is originally from Quebec where she ministered as a pastoral associate and a member the San Egidio movement with particular outreach to immigrants.  The Solemn Profession took place in our Chapel during the Eucharistic Celebration.

into the Chapel


Following the Eucharist and ceremony we all walked to the hospitality area for the luncheon prepared by the Sisters.

From Chapel to Hospitality

Sister Lucie and Sister Gabriel attended to the ceremonial cake.

Lucie cutting cake                                                                                       

Family and friends joined us for a festive meal.


Eric and Brigitte, dear friends of Sister Lucie, came from Quebec.

Gil & Canada


Latino Leaders from the Archdiocese

Leaders gather in our Chapel for prayer.Leaders retreatDeason Ramón leads the parish leaders in relection.Leaders at prayerIn the circle the Lord brings us to prayer.


Easter, 2013

gold cross

“Grace and Peace to you from the One who is, who was and is to come.”  (The Book of Revelation. 4)

The golden cross on our Easter card reaches out to each and all of you, to the north and south, east and west.  The Alpha and Omega, first and last letters of the Greek alphabet, indicate the all inclusive message of hope and good will to all God’s people throughout the world.  This message is not sterile but bears leaves and flowers with the promise of fruit already forming beneath the buds.

Our new Franciscan/Jesuit pope urges us not to give in to the daily temptation to bitterness and pessimism but to find new ways of being grace to others and sharing peace with those near and far.

In Community here in Bloomington we know God’s blessingas we celebrate the Solemn Profession of Sister Lucie Lafleur on April 27.  Sister Lucie is originally from Quebec where she ministered as a pastoral associate and a member the San Egidio movement with particular outreach to immigrants.  Fidelity and fruitfulness come together as we celebrate100 years of life of our Sister Anne Condon, born and raised in Minneapolis, and one of the founders of this Community.

In the celebrations of Holy Week, continuing throughout the Great Fifty Days we remember you all with love and grateful appreciation.







Franciscans share on the Sacred Scriptures of Ash Wednesday and the Sundays of Lent. See the link for Lenten Reflections at the southwest corner of the page under Bookmarks.

Jesus encounters the Samaritan woman at the well.
He asks her for a drink of water and He gives her living water
which she shares with her village.